El Silencio: Ibiza’s hidden gem bursting with nature, art, and culinary excellence

As the temperatures rise and the anticipation mounts, El Silencio in Ibiza is preparing for yet another scorching summer, ready to welcome guests to its beach club for the third consecutive year

Nestled within the secluded cove of Cala Molí, El Silencio creates a world where nature and art harmoniously converse, offering an unparalleled experience. It has become a hidden gem and an inspiring haven for creatives from around the globe, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets designed by the esteemed architectural studio Moredesign.

From the moment guests arrive, El Silencio invites them to immerse themselves in a unique ambiance. Imagine dining with your feet gently submerged in the water, indulging in moments of relaxation and celebration by the pool, and savouring delectable cuisine amid the captivating backdrop of rocks and tides.

Embarking on an epicurean journey, El Silencio is delighted to welcome acclaimed chef Mauro Colagreco back to its shores starting from April 28. Chef Colagreco, recently appointed as a UNESCO ambassador for biodiversity, leads the renowned Michelin 3-star restaurant Mirazur, in Menton, which was crowned the best restaurant in the world in 2019.

At El Silencio, Chef Colagreco brings his Mediterranean-inspired menu to life, celebrating the region’s rich flavours. From stuffed Piquillo peppers to Galician-style octopus, grilled king crab, and succulent Iberian pork “pluma”, every dish is crafted with simplicity and conviviality in mind. The menu also includes generous salads such as the heirloom tomato, peach, and verbena salad. Vegetarian options, like the delightful vegetarian lasagna, and wood-fired delicacies like the Ligurian-style Saint Pierre, complete the sun-filled and precise culinary offerings.

On June 14, El Silencio proudly declares the season open, granting guests full access to its magnificent spaces. The beach and sunset deck, restaurants, pool, art installations, and the vibrant cabaret come alive every day of the week from noon onwards.

Prepare for an exciting cultural agenda that embraces the captivating beauty of the sea. During the day, the restaurant, beach beds, and pool welcome visitors, providing a serene environment to unwind and bask in the coastal bliss. As the sun begins its descent, the enchanting sunset sessions make a glorious return at 7 pm. Guests are treated to the golden hour with a lineup of resident DJs and a weekly concert programmed by the illustrious French artist, Guts, who has made Ibiza his home for the past two decades.

As the evening unfolds, El Silencio unveils a new addition on the first floor that will transport guests to the heart of Japanese cuisine. Designed by Mauro Colagreco in the grand tradition of Omakase, this exclusive Japanese restaurant offers a unique and intimate dining experience. Limited to just 30 guests per night, the seven-course menu promises an extraordinary culinary journey. Reservations are mandatory for those seeking an unforgettable encounter with the finest flavours of Japan.

When the clock strikes 10 pm, prepare to be captivated by the mesmerising cabaret presented by Ali Mahdavi, a multidisciplinary artist of Iranian origin. Mahdavi’s repertoire as a photographer, director, stylist, and illustrator includes collaborations with the likes of Manfred Thierry Mugler and the renowned Crazy Horse from 2009 to 2017. His show at El Silencio is a celebration of sensuality, glamour, and feminine supremacy, inspired by the golden age of the Chabanais and the chromatic palette of Pedro Almodovar. With performers trained on the world’s grandest stages, Mahdavi’s cabaret promises to leave no one indifferent—an evening of hypnotic excellence.

El Silencio doesn’t stop there, as it becomes a platform for artistic expression throughout the summer. Dan Ghenacia, the iconic figure of the island, along with the Alpha Wave Experience collective, presents their installation, The Oracle. This immersive work takes guests on an inner journey, featuring lamps inspired by the Dreamachine—a luminous invention by Bryon Gysin, a pioneer of the Beat Generation in the 1960s. The installation, within a structure imagined by the Spanish design firm Isern Serra, blends contemporary art with Ibiza’s vibrant spirit.

Adding to the allure of El Silencio’s beachside oasis, the renowned boutique GIGI Studios joins the scene, offering an exclusive selection of sunglasses. As a special collaboration, GIGI Studios presents the GIGI Studios X El Silencio Ibiza capsule collection, showcasing their distinctive style against the backdrop of this captivating beach club.

Silencio, the visionary club dedicated to the creative industries, has been a cornerstone of Paris since 2011. It challenges boundaries and fosters a contemporary and hybrid programming that brings together artistic communities, the music and film industries, as well as fashion and luxury houses. Following the success of the Silencio restaurant-cinema des Prés in Paris, El Silencio emerged as Silencio’s first beach club in 2021, capturing the essence of the brand while embracing the spirit and beauty of Ibiza.

As El Silencio in Ibiza opens its doors for yet another unforgettable season, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world where nature, art, and culinary mastery intertwine. Whether it’s the sublime Mediterranean-inspired cuisine by Chef Mauro Colagreco, the mesmerizing cabaret by Ali Mahdavi, or the immersive art installations and cultural experiences, El Silencio promises an unparalleled journey of beauty, creativity, and unforgettable moments on the shores of Ibiza’s breathtaking coastline.

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