By 2030, Lausanne train station will have become one of Switzerland’s most important rail hubs.

A 1.3 billion CHF investment (approx. €1.2bn) will help cope with an expected doubling of train and station traffic by 2030 in Lausanne – the equivalent of over 200,000 travellers per day compared to 130,000 today.

Swiss Federal Railways’ investments will oversee the works for platforms to be widened and lengthened to accommodate 400-metre long trains. Underpasses will be completely rebuilt and doubled, and Metro lines will be better integrated to the station.

The upgrading of Lausanne, the main railway hub in French-speaking Switzerland, is essential for a smooth flow of trains on a national and international scale. Together with Geneva station, the project is one of the essential pieces in guaranteeing sustainable mobility for the inhabitants of the Lake Geneva metropolitan area.

According to current plans, the first refurbished platform will be operational in 2025. In 2029, the five new platforms will be in service, allowing 400-metre-long trains to run throughout the station. By 2032, two new underpasses will be completed, one of which will provide direct access to the museum platform, and the new M2 metro station, on its new route, will be in operation.

The transformation of the station will also help drive the urban development of the City of Lausanne, with an opportunity to redesign public spaces and give Lausanne an iconic gateway.

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