The captivating Mediterranean cruise of the MSC Poesia planned this autumn

From September to November 2023, travellers are invited to indulge in an 11-night voyage, tracing the mesmerising contours of culture-rich cities in Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

As the hues of autumn colour the landscape, the itinerary serves up an enchanting tapestry of historical allure, gastronomic mastery, architectural grandeur, and bewitching natural beauty. Amid the breathtaking cities of Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey, Piraeus near Athens in Greece, and Genoa, Palermo and Civitavecchia near Rome in Italy, guests are gifted with unparalleled opportunities to create lifelong memories, savouring the essence of each destination.

Luxury and leisure aboard the MSC Poesia

Aside from the captivating allure of its Mediterranean route, the MSC Poesia herself is a world of comfort, luxury, and indulgence. Ensconced in the ship’s chic and cosy accommodations, guests are presented with a host of top-notch amenities – from a rich variety of gourmet dining options and exceptional entertainment to award-winning family services and innovative wellness facilities. MSC Cruises crafts a perfect balance between onshore discovery and onboard relaxation, ensuring an all-encompassing experience for guests of all ages. The MSC Poesia’s blend of warmth, refinement, and fun sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Fall under the spell of Mediterranean charm

MSC Poesia’s enchanting voyage unfurls the splendour of Genoa’s historical monuments, the Aegean allure of Kusadasi, Istanbul’s colourful cultural mosaic, the ancient grandeur of Athens, Palermo’s Southern Italian beauty, and Rome’s timeless appeal. As the itinerary flows, guests can marvel at Genoa’s magnificent palaces, explore Kusadasi’s glorious beaches, delve into Istanbul’s rich heritage, trace the ancient pathways of Athens, enjoy Palermo’s unique architectural marvels, and get lost in Rome’s delightful streets. The ship’s meticulously designed excursions ensure that travellers are given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in each destination’s unique charm, offering experiences that traverse not just miles, but centuries of captivating history and culture. From grand palaces to age-old markets, from ancient ruins to vibrant culinary landscapes, the MSC Poesia’s autumn cruise promises an adventure of a lifetime.

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