Thomas Cook India Responds to Growing Demand for Customized Holidays with New Digital Campaign

The company leverages technology and expertise to create personalized travel experiences

Thomas Cook (India) Limited, an omnichannel travel services company, has launched a new campaign to cater to the increasing demand for customized holidays. With a focus on leveraging technology and expert guidance, the campaign positions Thomas Cook as a specialist in tailoring travel experiences to individual preferences.

Recognizing the shift in consumer preferences, the company has embraced digital advancements and strengthened its hybrid model, combining state-of-the-art technology with personalized service. This has resulted in a significant decrease in the average age of Thomas Cook’s holiday customers, as younger individuals are now willing to invest in unique and unforgettable experiences.

The campaign reflects the growing trend of “YOLO – You Only Live Once” among travelers, who seek to fulfill their bucket-list adventures. Consequently, Thomas Cook has witnessed a 40-50% increase in its customized holidays business compared to pre-pandemic levels. Instead of traditional tourist destinations and standard sightseeing tours, customers now show a strong inclination towards exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The primary objective of the campaign is to establish Thomas Cook as a leader in the customized holidays space. The company aims to achieve this by highlighting its team of experienced holiday experts who serve as personal consultants, crafting itineraries that align with customers’ preferences. Moreover, Thomas Cook has introduced a dynamic package building tool, allowing travelers to instantly create their itineraries across popular destinations through the website. To further enhance the travel experience, the company now offers 24×7 on-tour assistance, providing guidance to customers throughout their holidays.

The campaign showcases Thomas Cook’s expertise in catering to diverse traveler requirements. Through a humorous approach, it emphasizes the customers’ desire for unique experiences such as adventure activities and gastronomy, relying on Thomas Cook’s knowledge and support to bring these travel dreams to life. The campaign will be promoted across various digital and social platforms.

Thomas Cook India offers customers the convenience of an omnichannel network, enabling them to communicate through their preferred mode, including the holiday app, virtual holiday store, website, call center, or retail network across India.

Mr. Abraham Alapatt, President & Group Head – Marketing, Service Quality, Value Added Services & Innovation, Thomas Cook (India) Limited, highlighted the increased demand for personalized holidays and the shifting mindset among travelers. He noted that travelers now seek immersive experiences and are willing to invest more in unique activities, ranging from witnessing natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and Sakura season to indulging in soft adventure experiences like dolphin/whale watching, scuba diving, and hot air ballooning.

The campaign exemplifies Thomas Cook’s commitment to combining expertise and technology, empowering customers to design, curate, price, and book their dream holidays in real-time. Additionally, the company ensures round-the-clock support at the destination, providing customers with peace of mind during their travels.

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