Enit relaunches Italy’s image with brand ambassadors

Italy’s tourism agency Enit unveiled the new image campaign looking at bringing back international travellers

The group has a clear objective to rapidly reach numbers seen prior to the Covid-crisis.

Italy’s new slogan is “‘Discover the Italy you didn’t know”. The country’s Ministry of Tourism and Enit are aiming to lure a wide international public to come back to Italy. The campaign kicked off in early May in Milan with the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, and Enit CEO and President, respectively Roberta Garibaldi and Giorgio Palmucci. Regions but also international events such as the recent Eurovision or the Giro d’Italia are strong partners in promoting the country.

The tourism promotion campaign is targeting many countries around the world with the nomination of a range of brand ambassadors representing the excellence of Italy: from sport to art, from food to culture, with testimonials from sectors representing the iconography of Italy, portrayed by pictures of famous photographers.

The new initiative will help to spread the beauty of Italy, but will also contribute to promoting a three-year project to support young companies, tourism and culture start-ups to which the ambassadors’ fees and image rights will be donated.

Enit relaunches Italy's image with brand ambassadors
Credit: LC/Cleverdis

Enit’s new slogan “Discover the Italy you didn’t know”

“This is an important moment for Italy. These actions aim to strengthen the visibility and positioning of Italian destinations in a global scenario that sees positive prospects for recovery,” highlighted Enit CEO Roberta Garibaldi.

Showing Italy during the Eurovision contest in Turin as well as during the Giro d’Italia helped reach a wide audience. The Eurovision is the world’s second largest TV show in terms of viewers after the Olympics which attracted 180 million people. While the Giro d’Italia helps bringing a total audience of more than 758 million viewers worldwide during the 3,500 km cycling race.

The ‘Discover the Italy you didn’t know’ project is constructed around central themes, along a five-month journey. It includes Italian villages and landscapes, slow tourism with walking, food and wine, art and cultural heritage. There is also active tourism, with biking, boating, Nordic walking and outdoor activities for summer and winter.

The regions of Umbria (slow tourism), Emilia-Romagna (villages), Marche (active tourism) and Abruzzo (Tourism Digital Hub) coordinate together marketing and promotion actions.

This campaign is aimed at proximity markets such as DACH countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Benelux, France, the UK, the USA and Scandinavian markets. Keywords of the campaign are sustainability, inclusion, diversity and innovation.

“It is fundamental for Italy to regain a sense of pride in its own value after difficult years. Taking stock of its grandeur with excellence to show the world, in order to restart this important pillar of our economy that is tourism,’ says Enit councillor Sandro Pappalardo.

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