Summer Island Maldives introduces eco-friendly solution to get rid of mosquitoes

Saying goodbye to mosquitoes in an eco-friendly way? Kaimoo, the company behind Summer Island Maldives, has found the solution to let its guests enjoy a fully relaxed stay without being bothered by these unpleasant insects…

Indeed, the resort’s team has worked out solutions looking at the health and well-being of its guests and employees, starting a cutting-edge, eco-friendly initiative to get rid of mosquitoes around the resort.

The company does no longer use traditional eradication methods, such as harmful pesticides or fogging, but fights mosquitoes in an eco-friendly, revolutionary way. The resort uses a revolutionary ‘Integrated Mosquito Management System’ that targets mosquitoes at different stages during their life cycle. This involves setting traps for the mosquitoes, as well as getting rid of potential breeding sites, such as stagnant water.

After observing mosquito behaviour on the island, Dr. Bart Knols, Managing Director of
Science & Conservation at Soneva, and his team of experts, have deployed 42 CO2 traps around the island since March 2022. The traps attract mosquitoes by releasing CO2 into the air, imitating the scent of human breathing.

Dragonflies and Butterflies replace mosquitoes

Mosquitoes flying nearby are drawn to the trap and sucked inside, where they die. Speaking about the mosquito eradication process, Dr Knols explains that, “Summer Island has many advantages such as its small size, which makes it a little bit easier to attempt elimination. I feel confident that we can completely eradicate mosquitoes from many parts of the Maldives by using this integrated model based on traps. Pesticides merely cause mosquitoes to become resistant, destroy all other insect biodiversity on pristine Maldivian islands, and are highly toxic to marine life and corals”.

Another initiative of Summer Island Maldives is an awareness campaign about eliminating mosquito breeding sites. Guests and staff have learned to be vigilant about disposing of items, such as coconut shells, that might end up collecting still water, which provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Guests visiting Summer Island Maldives are now invited to spot the mosquito traps deployed discreetly around the island. And enjoy the beautiful dragonfly and butterfly populations that are back as fogging is no longer used.

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