Andalusia’s tourism sector has experienced a speedy recovery in tourist arrivals since the beginning of 2022, with total tourist arrivals jumping by over 275%. Over 30% of all tourist arrivals came also from international markets, a 10 percent-point increase over the year 2021.

Andalusia is more than ever back on the tourism map with strongly increasing numbers. According to the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (Instituto de Estadistica y Cartografia de Andalucia), total arrivals reached 4.58 million during the first quarter of 2022. This represents an increase of 275.2% over the same quarter of 2021. Daily spending increased by 12.3% to reach €67.90 while the length of stay was up by 19.2% to 5.6 days on average.

An encouraging figure is the increase of international tourists market share. While in 2021, total tourist arrivals from the EU and the rest of the world generated a market share of 20%, it has now increased by 10 percent points to reach 30.7% of all arrivals. EU alone generated a quarter of all arrivals to Andalusia during the first quarter.

Looking at regions within Andalusia, Huelva has been the most successful in tourism recovery. The region, located southwest of Seville, attracted 482% more travellers during the first quarter. It is now the fifth most visited region for tourists with a total of 351,555 arrivals. This is more for example than Cordoba. The success of Huelva is largely due to natural attractions and landscapes rather than cities. Huelva’s success shows the trending travellers’ demand for nature tourism, outdoor activities as well as ecotourism.

While Malaga and the Costa del Sol remain Andalusia’s busiest destination with 1.21 million travellers (up by 327%), Seville is again the second most visited destination in the province. Andalusia capital attracted 837,384 tourists from January to March, a growth of 290.3% compared to the same period of 2021. Granada follows in the steps of Seville with 821,725 registered tourist arrivals during the first quarter. This represents a growth of 268% over 2021. Last but not least, Cadiz is also back as a destination. The Andalusian city on the sea the fourth most popular destination for travellers, welcoming close to 640,000 tourists from January to March.

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