The Feldschlösschen Brewery in Rheinfelden is set to open a new visitors’ centre with many fun activities.

Almost every Swiss resident is familiar with Feldschlösschen brewery. The building itself is considered one of the most beautiful “castles” in Switzerland. Opened in 1876, the structure was inspired by medieval castles along the Rhine River. It is today an icon of the region in the Canton of Aargau. Some 44,000 visitors come year after year to discover not only the castle but also try its beer.

Feldschlösschen brewery is located in Rheinfelden, a typical city along the Rhine River. Beer has been brewed there since 1876, and the brewery has been open for public tours for a long time.

However, a new visitors’ centre named “Brauwelt” will open its doors in summer – most probably by June. It will provide a range of new experiences beyond traditional tours. According to Feldschlösschen’s management, visitors will learn about the variety of beer tasting. Some 25 different beers will be presented with visitors able to try a maximum of five different varieties in a 1dl-glass… to avoid intoxication! Among new activities, visitors will also learn how to brew their own beer. Groups will need to book in advance.

With the new visitors centre, Feldschlösschen brewery management expects to receive over 50,000 visitors per year.

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