Birmingham’s eastside rooms triumphs with green tourism’s silver award

The Eastside Rooms, recently bagged the distinguished Green Tourism’s Silver Award at its first evaluation since its grand opening.

This honour underlines the venue’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, effective waste management, fostering inclusivity, and promoting environment-friendly travel options. As the city’s latest hub for events and conferences, this recognition firmly establishes the venue as a leader in eco-conscious business operations.

The Eastside Rooms: leading the way in green practices

The Green Tourism Silver Award stands as a testament to The Eastside Rooms’ commitment to creating an environmentally positive and socially inclusive space. The venue secured commendable scores across the entire assessment criteria, reflecting their earnest endeavours to create a difference. Standout accomplishments include:

  1. Effective waste management: Demonstrating a laudable commitment to environmental care, The Eastside Rooms is leading the charge in sending zero waste to landfill. Their waste reduction and recycling initiatives serve as a model for businesses across the region.
  2. Inclusivity and equality: With concerted efforts towards making the venue accessible for physically challenged guests, The Eastside Rooms ensures that every delegate feels valued and included at events.
  3. Sustainable travel advocacy: The venue successfully promotes the use of public transport and low-carbon travel options to delegates and staff, thereby endorsing greener transportation choices.

The path ahead: striving for gold

Praised by the GreenCheck assessors for their proactive monitoring and reduction of energy, water and carbon consumption, The Eastside Rooms takes advantage of its central location in Birmingham to share the city’s rich cultural heritage with guests. Their commitment to zero landfill waste has earned them particular commendation, mirroring their resolve to positively impact the environment.

General Manager, Tim Sparrow, voiced his pride on this accomplishment: “This recognition reflects the collective hard work and dedication of our team in embedding sustainability into our core operations. It drives us to aim for the Gold Award in our subsequent assessment, continually striving for improvements and creating a lasting positive impact on our environment.”

The Eastside Rooms is eager to enhance its performance further in the destination and carbon categories. The team remains committed to making significant strides in the next twelve months, promising a higher score and a brighter, more sustainable future for the venue and the community.

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