M/Y CIAO: a superyacht symbol of CRN’s innovation and expertise

CRN’s 52-metre superyacht, the M/Y CIAO, stands as a testament to the Italian yard’s signature blend of creativity, passion and skill. Constructed entirely from aluminium, the vessel’s custom-built design mirrors the dynamic, sporty personality of its owner, with svelte lines and a near-vertical bow. A collaboration between CRN, Omega Architects, and Massari Design has resulted in a yacht boasting stunning external aesthetics, ample outdoor guest areas and well-lit interiors that seamlessly merge with each other, creating a sublime fusion of bespoke design and architectural prowess.

Exquisite interiors and optimised connectivity

The CIAO champions a harmonious blend of interior and exterior spaces. Full-height tinted windows on the main and upper decks allow natural light to flood in, enhancing the yacht’s already stunning architectural features. Spaces for relaxation and entertainment, like lounges with sunbathing areas and pools, and al fresco dining spaces, offer guests an intimate connection with the sea. Moreover, the yacht’s interior design is an elegant interplay of natural colour combinations and premium materials such as marble, leather and solid woods, fostering a sense of continuity and warmth across every deck.

Luxury across decks and integrated technology

Spread over five decks, M/Y CIAO provides luxury accommodation for up to 10 guests, along with six cabins for the 11 crew. Highlights include a spacious owner suite on the main deck, an open-air lounge area at the stern, an exceptional beach club on the lower deck, and a panoramic sky lounge on the upper deck. Each deck is fully integrated with smart-automation technology, allowing guests to personalise their environment, from the air conditioning and curtain movements to lighting and audiovisual equipment.

The 52-metre M/Y CIAO is a remarkable blend of Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and design excellence that signifies the innovation and commitment to quality that are the hallmark of CRN’s creations.

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