The State of Yucatan in Mexico looks at further consolidating its tourism expansion in 2022 with Europe being a key market. The State recently launched its “365 program in Yucatan”, a strategy aimed to prove that Yucatan is not only home to the Chichen Itza pyramid, Maya’s most impressive tribute to the world. It is also a place of varied tourist adventures. 365 exactly… or one per day!

The name Yucatan is already well-known by world travellers. However, this can be tricky. “All visitors know the Yucatan Peninsula because they do go on a beach holiday in Cancun or Riviera Maya which are located in the neighbouring State of Quintana Roo. The inland State of Yucatan, to the west of the Caribbean coast, as such offers far more than just a day trip to the pyramid of Chichen Itza. We try to convey the message that Yucatan also offers magnificent beaches to the north of the peninsula, historical towns, many intriguing archaeological sites and it is home to living Mayan culture”, explains Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Minister of Tourism for the State.

The State of Yucatan is often visited from Cancun and Riviera Maya. “Combining both Cancun and the visit to our State is perfect for tourists. But we want to encourage travellers to combine their beach vacation in Cancun with a few days of a circuit in our State. We want to get away from the usual one-day excursion from a resort”, tells Fridman Hirsch.

Yucatan Minister of Tourism Michelle Fridman Hirsch (Photo courtesy of Yucatan Turismo)

In fact, anyone looking to immerse into Mexican culture should find happiness in Yucatan. The state is the Capital of ancient Maya World with many important archaeological sites such as the new wonder of the modern world: the Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. Exploring the region is to realize that Mayan tradition is very much alive until today in villages and rural areas.

“We think that Europeans are the perfect travellers to our State as they show a keen interest for culture but also gastronomy, history and for an authentic experience,” adds Yucatan’s Minister of Tourism.

For Michelle Fridman Hirsch, the State is also well positioned as it is deemed the safest in Mexico. “ We offer a safety level similar to the one in Sweden while our capital Merida is perceived as one of the top safest cities in America. Even far safer than some cities in the United States,” she highlights.

Promotion of the State will be conducted particularly in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK. ” We want to work in Europe on different segments such as luxury tourism or inclusive tourism,” tells the Minister.

Culture and authenticity to shape a holiday experience in Yucatan

To encourage travellers to embrace the diversity of Yucatan, the State launched a new marketing initiative that tourism authorities named “365 days in Yucatan”. The slogan wants to promote one attraction per day, all across the province. An initiative which helps to highlight the diversity of the destination. As the best example, it gives a deeper insight into Merida, the State capital. The city has been named dozens of times already as one of the best city destinations in the Americas. Its splendid colonial architecture as well as its refined gastronomy turn increasingly Merida into a popular city break.

Or how about a night swim in the enchanting caves of Cenote Papakal? Or in Maní, one of the 4 magical towns of Yucatan, famed for its baroque convent?  The village was declared in 2021 UNWTO Best Tourism Village for its exemplary sustainable practices in tourism.

With the launch of the 365 Program, Yucatan wants to be the reference for tourism recovery in Mexico. With its unique sense of optimism and happiness.

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