Netherlands’ Floriade is a world horticultural exhibition that takes place only once in a decade. It is the seventh time the exhibition will be held in the Netherlands. Almere, in the province of Flevoland, is the city designated to host the event. Dutch horticulture will bring the theme “Growing Green Cities” to life in collaboration with national and international participants during 6 months.

The Floriade is a leading international exhibition in the field of horticulture. Founded in 1908, the Dutch Horticultural Council aims to strengthen the image of Dutch horticulture and promote exports. The modern-day Floriade started back in 1960. The location varies for each edition, based on a bidding system. In the past, the Floriade already took place in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zoetermeer, Harlemmermeer and Venlo. Almere is a young city, created in the seventies on a polder reclaimed from the sea. The city is only 20 to 30 minutes away by train from Amsterdam.

On 18 June 2020, the majority in the city council of Almere voted in favour of hosting the Floriade. But there were some uncertainties over the decision at the time, as the authorities had to confirm their commitment in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Consultants worked consequently on creating a number of scenarios in case of a lasting pandemic. It seems – for the time being – that the worst scenarios might not materialise.

Between 14 april and 9 octobre 2022, Almere will thus be the stage for the Floriade Expo 2022 World Horticultural Expo for six months. The theme is “Growing Green Cities”. Together with international participants and national organisations, the Dutch horticultural sector will present innovations and solutions for sustainable and liveable cities. Some two million guests from abroad and home markets are expected to visit the World Horticultural Expo.
Floriade’s fashion pavilion will highlight the importance of sustainability in the textile sector and raise awareness about it (Image: Floriade)

Trees and plants keep cities cool

“Growing Green Cities” is more relevant and urgent than ever. Urbanisation is rapidly increasing and the liveability of cities is under pressure. Creative, innovative and sustainable solutions are needed to keep urban environments attractive. Horticulture in all its segments offers excellent opportunities to live healthier, greener and more pleasant lives. “Greening the City”, “Feeding the City”, “Healthying the City” and “Energising the City” are the sub-themes of Floriade Expo 2022.

The Floriade park wants to be a celebration of green and sustainable technology. New technologies for greenery, food, energy and health will be researched and implemented turning the green exhibition into a living laboratory.

The Netherlands is one of the major players on the world stage in the horticultural sector. The sector is able to anticipate current global developments and is constantly working on innovative concepts that contribute to the quality of life, both on a large and a small scale. For example, the Expo’s Arboretum will feature trees that have been chosen for their ability to lower the city’s temperature. Together with the Dutch Horticultural Council, Floriade is welcoming parties from all over the world to showcase their horticultural best practices to consumers and trade visitors. 

Some 250 national companies have committed to Floriade while over 40 countries have confirmed their participation. Latest country to date is Qatar which will take the opportunity to make the link to its own World Exhibition in 2023.

Together with the municipality of Almere, the Dutch Horticultural Council, the Province of Flevoland, the Dutch National Government, Amvest, Dura Vermeer, the local/provincial business community and the tourism sector, Floriade Expo 2022 is on its way to a successful Expo.

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