MICHELIN Guide expands in Turkey, spotlights culinary riches of Izmir and Bodrum

MICHELIN, the globally revered restaurant rating system, is set to expand its reach within Turkey to incorporate the gastronomically rich cities of Izmir and Bodrum.

This expansion will see MICHELIN inspectors traverse the culinary landscapes of these cities, in addition to Istanbul. With the announcement of the first restaurant selections for Izmir and Bodrum scheduled alongside the second selection for Istanbul on November 9, 2023, this move is set to firmly underline Turkey’s position as a diverse and vibrant gourmet destination.

Izmir: A taste of Aegean and Mediterranean tradition

Izmir, steeped in the culinary traditions of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean regions, presents a plethora of gastronomic opportunities. Its rich culinary tapestry ranges from trendy restaurants and modern coffee houses to traditional, beloved local haunts. Izmir’s food scene showcases the creativity of young local chefs, eager to modernize their culinary heritage. With Aegean flavours, fresh seafood and sumptuous mezze (traditional appetizers) on offer, Izmir provides a testament to the diverse culinary experiences that await food enthusiasts in Turkey.

Bodrum: A blend of authenticity and creativity

Bodrum, famed for its upscale tourism in the Muğla region, is a melting pot of creative culinary experiences. The city boasts a unique gastronomic scene where restaurants celebrating the authentic taste of the sea seamlessly fuse with those integrating international cuisine, especially Asian and Italian influences. Luxury resorts in Bodrum are also keen on providing the finest and most imaginative gastronomic experiences. The expansion into Bodrum reflects MICHELIN’s recognition of the city’s unique blend of authenticity and creativity. Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, expressed excitement for these new additions, and voiced confidence in the continued growth and recognition of Turkey’s culinary scene in the years to come.

The expansion of the MICHELIN Guide into Izmir and Bodrum highlights the increasing recognition of Turkey’s rich culinary scene. This development underpins the vast gastronomic potential of Turkey, beyond the already acclaimed city of Istanbul. As global gourmets and food enthusiasts turn their attention to these new additions, they will discover the blend of traditional and innovative culinary experiences that Izmir and Bodrum have to offer.

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