The Icelandic Tourist Board and Business Iceland, with support from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Innovation, have been working on reshaping

Visit Iceland’s new website has been introduced in connection with the Vestnorden travel conference that took place in October in Reykjanes, a small headland on the southwestern tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Visit Iceland‘s content has been reorganised considerably, and information to tourists has been greatly improved, with extra material. The collaborative project on renewing the website will spread over three years, meaning the opening of the new page is just the beginning of that process. Continuous changes and improvements to the website are expected in the coming years.

Among the changes on Visit Iceland web is a newly added carbon calculator that enables tourists to calculate the carbon footprint in connection with the trip to Iceland and then to offset their carbon footprint using the assistance of companies that specialise in this. 

In addition, visitor numbers of popular tourist sites can be seen, making it easier for tourists to plan their trip and distribute visits better. It enhances the sustainability of destinations and improves the overall tourist experience.

To support the project, the Icelandic Tourist Board has hired four individuals to work in content creation, all over the country in jobs without a location. They will continue to build and improve the web in collaboration with other stakeholders.

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