Israel has created a special website to keep travellers and potential international visitors informed of up-to-date Covid travel rules.

The country has been open to fully-vaccinated visitors since last month, despite new waves of infection due to the Omicron variant. The Tourism Ministry has unveiled a new website dedicated to keeping tourists updated with the latest Covid-19 developments and entry rules into Israel.

The website gives a comprehensive view of all rules and restrictions set by the Israeli government.

Restrictions on foreign nationals from all countries were removed in January; except for those travelling from countries with a “red status”. Those who have visited a country on the red list in the last 14 days – even fully-vaccinated and recovered individuals – are still required to complete the full isolation period. However, there are currently no countries country included on the red list.

Tourists coming from countries classified as orange or yellow are now able to enter Israel without the need for special permission, provided that they are fully vaccinated.

The website includes a list of authorised vaccines, the documents required upon entry, links to health authorities and facilities as well as informing tourists what they should do if they test positive during their stay in Israel. All the information on the website can be found here.

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