Green Destinations Story Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates the most inspirational stories of sustainable tourism practices from destinations featured in the Green Destinations Top 100 list. The ceremony, which will take place virtually on March 11, is organised by Green Destinations and ITB Berlin, and co-hosted by GLP Films.

The Green Destinations Story Awards celebrate the most outstanding Good Practice Stories of the Top 100 list.

Only destinations that are part of the 2021 Top 100 list are eligible for nomination to the 2022 Green Destinations Story Awards. There is a total of 31 destinations or infrastructures which have been selected in the following categories for this year’s awards:

  • ‘Localising and decarbonising the supply chain’ comprising 6 destination nominations
  • ‘Communities and culture’ comprising 6 destination nominations
  • ‘Environment and climate’ comprising 6 destination nominations
  • ‘Nature and ecotourism’ comprising 6 destination nominations
  • ‘Tourism reset & recovery’ comprising 6 destination nominations

The award recognises global leadership in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. An international jury of 14 members has been in charge of evaluating all the projects.

People’s Choice Award and an ITB Earth Award

In addition to the judge’s selection, Green Destinations has added a sixth category for this year: the People’s Choice Award – which will enable the general public to vote for their favourite story. Over 10,000 votes have already been received. The winner of this category also be revealed during the virtual ceremony on March 11.

The winner of the award will be selected by ITB Berlin amongst a collection of smart projects for more sustainable tourism and unveiled during the ceremony.

With four nominations each for the Green Destinations Story Awards 2022 each, Peru and Portugal have shown their commitment to sustainable destination management and implementing innovative projects to overcome challenges they are facing. Estonian and Brazilian destinations are also very present in these awards, with three nominations for each country this year.

The virtual ceremony will take place on March 11 at 1.00pm (CET). To register for the event, please click here.

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