How Joburg Tourism Company is supporting Africa Month celebrations

The annual Bassline Fest enjoys the support of Joburg Tourism Company for its 2023 festival which has special significance in its 25th year

Taking place on the Saturday closest to the AU’s Official Africa Day on May 25, the Bassline Fest is known as the most vibrant Afro-Music festival in Jozi. It’s a day dedicated to enjoyment, featuring incredible live music, tantalising food from food trucks and stalls, and an opportunity to explore the artisanal arts and crafts market.

The Joburg Tourism Company’s involvement extends to facilitating market access and business linkages for around 20 SMMEs, allowing them to participate in the market. Additionally, the company aims to stimulate job creation by providing employment to 20 unemployed youth who will work at the festival, contributing to its setup and breakdown.

Councillor Nomoya Mnisi, MMC for Economic Development at the City of Johannesburg, emphasises the critical role of strategic partnerships in repositioning Joburg as an attractive destination for both business and leisure tourism. By collaborating, partnering, and supporting lifestyle and signature events, Joburg Tourism Company aims to attract a significant number of visitors to the city, contributing to the development of the tourism sector at both local and global scales, as well as bolstering the city’s economy.

Tourism, with its multifaceted nature, has a far-reaching economic impact that extends beyond its own sector and influences other industries. It plays a vital role in achieving accelerated development goals by generating employment opportunities and income, both directly and indirectly.

Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of the SMME sector, contributing to the establishment of a vibrant second economy, as explained by Mnisi.

The Bassline Fest 2023 promises a day filled with celebration, cultural richness, and the showcasing of incredible talent. It is an opportunity to experience the essence of Africa through its diverse music genres, enticing cuisine, and unique arts and crafts. The festival lineup will feature renowned artists and performers who embody the spirit of Jozi, showcasing inclusivity, diversity, and tolerance.

Joburg Tourism Company expressed its gratitude to the Department of Arts and Culture, the presenting partner, for their support in fostering the live music industry and Africa Month.

The festival is also supported by Castle Lite, Music in Africa, the ACCESS Conference, Jagermeister, and the Goethe Institute, all of whom have contributed to the success of the festival. Their support not only benefits the live music industry but also creates opportunities for professionals involved in production, marketing, and performance services.

The Bassline Fest 2023 promises to be a vibrant celebration of Africa’s rich culture, talent, and creativity. It provides an immersive experience that highlights the essence of Joburg’s tourism offerings and showcases the city’s potential as a prime destination for visitors from around the world.

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