March 2, 2023

ISCHIA makes waves at ITB Berlin 2023

Last year Ischia was voted the most beautiful island in the world by the readers of Travel&Leisure magazine


The volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples has become famous around the world for its thermal baths and natural springs, as well as its exotic scenery and mineral-rich waters.

Ischia has all of the ingredients to attract visitors from around the world. There are a number of spots on the island where thermal springs bubble up naturally from underground before flowing south, towards the sandy beach of Maronti.

Visitors to the Phlegraean Island can also discover roman ruins along the seabed at the beach of Cartaromana, located in the southern area near the rocks of Sant’Anna. Here, they can take in the panoramic view of Castello Aragonese, which is connected to Ischia by a stone bridge.

Ischia has earned the nickname “The Green Island” due to its rich natural landscapes, green hills and many beautiful beaches, including the Bay of Sorgeto, Citara and San Francesco in Forio d’Ischia, as well as the wonderful Bay of San Montano in Lacco Ameno.

In 2022, the volcanic island was elected the most beautiful island in the world by the readers of Travel&Leisure, in the American magazine’s annual The World’s Best Awards. Other top contenders included the Maldives, Bali, Milos, Fiji, the Galapagos. The island, the largest in the Gulf of Naples, was selected based on evaluations of travel experiences, places of interest, natural attractions, beaches, food and the friendliness of the inhabitants.

Its location offers tourists a wide range of activities to choose from. Nature and adventure lovers can enjoy bike tours, scuba diving, horse riding and snorkelling trips, as well as water sports and many other sporting activities. Its cuisine, specialising in traditional dishes, also keep foodies fully satisfied during their stay. The island is also an ideal location from which to explore the Gulf of Naples, with boat trips to the neighbouring islands of Capri and Procida, as well as cultural excursions to famous sites including Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, Naples city, Caserta and Salerno.

Covering 47 square kilometres, with around 37km of coastline, Ischia has become increasingly popular among Italian and international tourists. Visitors to Ischia are invited to discover its beauty and share their photos on social networks with place, date, time and #ThisIsIschia! hashtag. The campaign captures the stories of those who “live and love” the island. It paints a picture of Ischia and Italy as the film set par excellence, for a dream holiday.

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ISCHIA makes waves at ITB Berlin 2023