Jamaica’s MBJ Airports inaugurate expanded facilities at Sangster International Airport

MBJ Airports Limited authorities, which operate Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, officially inaugurated its expanded new departures area.

Jamaica is ready to welcome more passengers for the Holiday Season, with upgraded comfort and facilities at Sangster International Airport, a major Gateway serving passengers visiting the North Coast of Jamaica.

MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ), which runs the airport, has opened the newly expanded departures area on December 15. The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Transport & Mining, the Honourable Audley Shaw along with the CEO of MBJ Airports Limited, the CEO & President of Airports Authority of Jamaica and other Government officials and stakeholders. 

Planning for the Departures Expansion had commenced in 2017. This included work with consultants, to help upgrading the retail and service offering at the airport to international standards, allowing to deliver a memorable and stimulating shopping experience for passengers. 

The new design for the departure terminal blends creative architectural design with commercial drivers by enhancing natural light, more circulation space and seating for passengers. The new retail programme consists of concessions creating a sense of place, providing passengers with a memorable experience. 68 outlets with a wide variety of products now expect travellers. The redevelopment of the 4,000m2 departures area includes a 1,300 m2 walk-through Duty Free store operated by Dufry. 

A 12m-high Rotunda double-height space, with a floor-to-ceiling curtain wall creates the focal point of the newly developed food court.  Highlighting the food court is a palm-tree inspired bar with wrap around LED screens and the Bob Marley – One Love Restaurant, currently exclusive to Sangster International with a scheduled opening date of February 2023. 

Expansion at Montego Bay Sangster International Airport
Sangster International Airport (Photo: MBJ Airports Limited)

Jamaica Sangster International Airport raising the bar for airports in the region

Jamaica’s Minister of Transport & Mining, the Honourable Audley Shaw was excited to see the development in the Departure terminal stating, “MBJ Airports have been consistently raising the bar for airports in the region. It serves as a true representation of the vision to bring Jamaica’s aviation into the 21st century and well beyond.” 

For Shane Munroe, MBJ’s CEO, “airports worldwide have been forced to assess their strategic outlook with the global pandemic. Early lessons taught us at MBJ that we needed to continue responding to the crisis with agility, innovation and a passenger-centric focus into the future. The completion of this work is one step towards our vision of being a leading tourism destination airport, exceeding the expectations of our passengers, while being uniquely Jamaican.” 

In his presentation, Mr. Munroe shared that “we want our passengers to develop an emotional connection to our country, and by extension, Sangster International Airport, creating true ‘wow experiences’ at each step of the journey that will draw them back to Jamaica.

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