Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has announced that his Ministry will establish Gastronomy Tourism Corridors in select areas in Kingston to leverage Jamaica’s culinary tourism offerings and bolster Kingston’s position as a premier tourist destination.

Minister Bartlett made the announcement during the recent Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen in Kingston.

“We want to establish Gastronomy Tourism Corridors,” said Mr Bartlett. “Already we have more than a hundred restaurants along that corridor, and in the middle of it all is the Gastronomy Centre of Kingston, Devon House. We will be working together to build out this initiative. The Linkages Network, led by Carolyn McDonald-Riley, will be looking at how we can make that functional.”

Jamaican Gastronomy Corridors all across Kingston

The Minister added that this corridor would also include New Kingston, which has several eateries, restaurants and hotels. “We cannot avoid New Kingston in the concept. We can look at more than one gastronomy tourism corridor in Kingston,” the Minister explained.

The gastronomy tourism corridor from Knutsford Boulevard (New Kingston) would continue along Trafalgar Road, leading to Devon House, then to Lady Musgrave Road to encapsulate the hotels and eateries in that area.

“We are going to ensure that Kingston takes its place as a mega tourism city – with food, entertainment, sports and knowledge,” added the Minister.

The Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen is Jamaica’s newest culinary initiative. It is the first of its kind on the island and aims to position the country as a new gastronomy paradise. The place will be the permanent home to the annual Jamaica Food and Drink Festival.

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