Germany’s rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) explained during ITB Berlin NOW how it wants to further push travellers to make use of its new DB navigator app.

The Deutsche Bahn is able to use its app to warn of overcrowded trains. The Navigator app is now showing users trains with a load factor of 50% or more. This should give travellers the opportunity to access less frequented connections. The railway consequently wants to provide more flexibility to its clients while better controlling the flow of passengers. If reservations continue to increase on a particular connection despite this warning, the app and the booking page will prevent the train from being overbooked or reserved in future.

The app offers more and more services for rail travel: For example, customers can call up real-time information, see the current car line-up of a train or load their loyalty card as a mobile phone ticket. Passengers who like to travel undisturbed can check into the ICE with the digital Comfort Check-in service. This eliminates the need for ticket checks.

The app is also becoming a general key for public transport by bus and train with over 40 local transport systems already integrated. This means tickets for a ride beyond the train station are possible. Hotel bookings could be a next step.

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