ITB Convention: Shiji advocates for a centralised scalable Hotel Technology Stack

For Shiji Group, designing a modern scalable Hotel Technology Stack should have as a centralised, single source system, to integrate all types of systems and requirements operating in a hotel business, said Michael Heinze, Managing director at Shiji Group, during an ITB Panel Discussion.

Four panelists debated solutions and the necessity to implement a Hotel Technology Stack. A techno stack is a fragmented, piecemeal set of solutions aimed at optimising hotel functions like operations, revenue management, marketing and guest services.

The challenge is to find ways to centralise all data and management system into a single technological platform. Henrik Steen, Director of Software Engineering, Cloudbeds, Michael Heinze, Managing Director, Shiji Group, Iris Steinmetz, Senior Director of Operations EMEA, HRS and Timo Kettern, Corporate Director of IT, Bierwirth & Kluth discussed it during a round table at ITB Berlin Convention.

Shiji Group is a leading online distribution technology and service provider. It already serves the needs of over 70 hotel groups, 200+ distribution channels, 2500+ independent hotels and 30,000 properties. During the ITB Convention, Shiji Managing Director Michael Heinze pointed out the fact that the multiple systems of hotel management, revenues or guest services need now to be consolidated into a less complex technology. Shiji advocates working under a multi-chain umbrella rather than with individual property.

They are however many challenges to overcome before driving a hotel business into a sole distribution and service provider. “The complexity comes from many requirements such as language issues, different legal frames such as data protections before coming to a single centralised operation,” said Heinze.

The ultimate aim is that the guest experience is at the centre of any changes, with the capacity to offer them more than just a room. “The guest is the core of the hotel business. And simplifying all the elements that make up the hotel management provides more time for employees to dedicate themselves to their guests,” he added.

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