IDeaS and Amadeus have announced an expanded partnership to aid mutual client recovery.

The combined power of IDeaS – the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services –  and Amadeus – the leading provider of IT solutions for the travel and tourism industry, aims to bring actionable data insights via seamless integrations to help hoteliers recover stronger and grow revenue faster.

The partnership brings several advantages:

  • Improving sales and catering efficiency: IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) and G3 RMS, as well as IDeaS SmartSpace and RevPlan, integrate with the Amadeus Sales and Event Management solution to improve sales and catering efficiency with easy access to group pricing and displacement analytics to optimise total hotel profitability.
  • Maximising RevPAR: IDeaS G3 RMS integrates with Amadeus’ Demand360 to maximise RevPAR with insights into historical and forward-looking group and transient on-the-books performance compared to a hotel’s competitive set.
  • Enabling recovery efforts: To further support the hospitality industry, which has been deeply impacted by COVID-19, Amadeus and IDeaS are enabling recovery efforts by waiving integration fees (for integrations between the IDeaS and Amadeus systems) for new clients for one year.

Klaus Kohlmayr, chief evangelist and chief development officer, IDeaS, said: “Global data silos must break down for hoteliers to achieve a more complete picture of their commercial revenue opportunities and recover stronger in the wake of the pandemic. With expected growth in meetings and events business, now is the time to accelerate technology investment in that area. The data integrations between IDeaS and Amadeus drive a brighter, more connected future for the hospitality industry, giving users precious time back and allowing them to be more strategic, profitable decision-makers.”

Paul Barron, executive vice president, marketing, partnerships and commercial operations, hospitality, Amadeus, said: “Amadeus is pleased to deepen our partnership with IDeaS during this trying time for the hospitality and travel industry. We’ve strengthened our commitment to unite our two companies’ leading technology offerings to better enable recovery for our valued customers.”

IDeaS Introduces Profit Optimisation for G3 RMS, enabling “holistic guest value maximisation”

IDeaS Revenue Solutions has meanwhile announced Profit Optimisation for G3 Revenue Management System (RMS).

Profit Optimisation is an enhancement to the G3 RMS revenue science engine that enables it to capture the most valuable business while considering the total contribution for each guest. This allows hoteliers to evaluate total revenues, profit margins for each revenue stream and the costs associated with acquiring and servicing guest stays in real time, while determining highly sought metrics such as profit per available room (ProPAR).

IDeaS’ profit optimisation engine uses any combination of ancillary revenues, margins, costs to acquire, and servicing costs to provide adjusted decision data. This results in the property management system or central reservation system yielding the value of reservations to account for profit. Using Profit Optimisation in G3 RMS, hoteliers are able to understand the true value of each guest segment and room type. This feature forecasts and enables the most profitable guest bookings, while incorporating data from other sources, such as restaurants, bars, retail, resort activities, or even casino gaming. The system uses a unique approach that automatically produces a combination of decisions. Working together, these decisions maximise overall profit rather than prioritising revenue per available room (RevPAR).

Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, COO, CTO, IDeaS, said: “For too long, profit optimisation has remained unattainable for the hospitality industry. While others have talked about it, or offered simple reporting solutions, IDeaS has been working to shift our clients’ mentality from focusing on enhancing room revenue to maximising the value of the guest going into that room. To make this possible, we’ve innovated a core optimisation process that enables hoteliers to book the most profitable business, and today, we are pleased to be the first RMS provider to offer a holistic approach to total profit optimisation that automates all key business controls based on prioritising profit.”


Earlier this year, IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced the launch of its “Hospitality Technology Hub” leading up to and during ITB 2021. The hub presents a virtual forum for the hotel industry to exchange ideas, hold discussions and network with leading technology partners, industry consultants and fellow hoteliers.

Via on-demand content and a day of live sessions on Monday, March 8, the Hospitality Technology Hub is a one-stop platform for hotel businesses to find relevant information on vendors, products, innovations and trends specific to revenue, profit and commercial optimisation.

Over 50 of the hospitality industry’s leading technology providers and advisors partnered with IDeaS to present this unique and valuable offering in a show of support to recovering hotel businesses worldwide.

A mix of relevant, forward-looking topics – From revenue and profit optimisation to the convergence of data, exhibitors will spotlight their solutions addressing the evolving needs of the industry and present leading recovery and commercial strategy guidance.


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