The Wellness Tourism Global Market Report 2022 from has indicated that investments in sports travel could lead to a growth in wellness tourism too.

The report predicts that the wellness tourism market will grow from approximately €687 billion ($718.5 billion) in 2021, to approximately €766.7 billion ($801.45 billion) in 2022, a compound annual growth rate of 11.5%.

The report identifies the main types of service within wellness travel to be “transport, lodging, food and beverages, shopping, activities and excursions, and other types of services’.

“Transport from the hotel or medical centre to the airport or station is provided to the patient and attending persons after the completion of treatment, check-up, recovery, or after surgical interventions and rehabilitation. The various travel types include primary, and secondary which are available at different locations such as domestic, and international.” 

An increase in spending on sports tourism is predicted to have a knock on effect in the world of wellness tourism. According to a survey made by American Express, 76% of people participating spend on tourism to boost their well-being. Also, 55% of respondents said they pay extra to enjoy wellness activities on their vacations. 

“Therefore, increasing tourist spending is driving the growth of the wellness tourism market,” writes. 

Innovations in technology have been identified as a key trend within the wellness tourism market, with major players reportedly investing in the introduction of new technologies to strengthen their position in the market. One company, wellness travel provider Atmantan Wellness Centre, launched a wellness-tech platform with “telehealth portal technology” in April 2021. The centre offers treatment for diseases, and crafts natural supplements.

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