Portugal has set out a plan for the next three years as part of its longer-term goal to become one of the world’s most sustainable destinations by 2027.

Luis Araújo, President of Portugal’s National Tourism Board, says the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst when it comes to sustainability, speeding up the tourist board’s plans after the issue was forced higher up the global agenda.

“We have to be a sustainable destination; it’s vital for our long-term survival,” said Mr Araújo.

Portugal’s new sustainable tourism plan, up to 2023, focuses on four key areas. It looks at how the country can structure its destination in a more sustainable way, through investment in tourist establishments and training on sustainability. It aims to increase awareness in the tourism sector of the importance of sustainability, to promote Portugal as a sustainable destination, and put clear metrics in place to show what the country is doing and its plans to do to improve its tourist areas.

Portugal’s Destination Marketing Organisation has launched a new campaign to promote more responsible and sustainable tourism, using the hashtag #CantSkipTomorrow.

Aimed at the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Brazil, a video has been produced following recommendations by the World Tourism Organisation.

“This message conveys our responsibility, as a tourist destination, to the Portuguese, tourists, companies in the sector and, above all, towards a planet that needs to regenerate”, said Mr Araújo.

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