The travel world is mourning Philip Wolf, one of the greatest travel industry pioneers, who died on March 16. We, the entire team of ITB and the editorial and management of, express our heartfelt condolences.

The incomparable mentor and business friend of ITB has passed, and the hands of the ITB clock seem to stand still. It is truly unimaginable to think that we will now have to go on without Philip’s inspiring visions and strategic advice which the team at ITB appreciated so highly over the many years that everyone knew him.

We look back very gratefully on what we were able to learn thanks to him, be it his travel tech expertise for ITB Berlin, when our journey started, be it with PhocusWright@ITB, his speeches at ITB Asia, his introduction to Charlie Lee which made the success of ITB China possible in the very beginning, the creation of ITB’s VIP dinner series, his contribution to the Virtual Convention or his forward looking CEO interviews this month at ITB Berlin NOW.

It was always Philip’s special gift that brought people together, regardless of position or title. He leaves a legacy to the world.

If there is one thing we learned from Philip, it was to never stop learning… and to keep moving forward. And we will.

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