The new city card, which will be launching in the coming weeks, aims to make visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo, easier.

It will give visitors access to public transport across the city, a dozen museums, as well as the city’s famous cable car. The card also helps keep costs down, by offering discounts at restaurants across the capital. 

It is being launched as part of the city’s tourism board’s strategy to make the city more accessible. This way, visitors can travel across the city ‘hassle free’ and spend more time enjoying their holiday or trip.

Faruk Čaluk, senior adviser for the development of tourism, said: “We have such a wide tourism offering, including gastronomy, outdoor, sports, history, culture. During the pandemic we saw a big rise in outdoor tourism – it only takes around 20 minutes to get to the mountains from Sarajevo.”

Sarajevo cable car
Credit: Visitsarajevo website

The city’s largest inbound markets are neighbouring countries, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia. One of the main attractions is the Sarajevo Film Festival, which brings a wider and wider international audience every year, including some big names. 

Čaluk said: “We aim to make the city more accessible so people can come and enjoy themselves. Gastronomy is also a big source of pride for Bosnia and it’s very affordable.”

These more affordable prices could prove to be a deciding factor for tourists, especially in light of the rise in cost of living, he explains. 

The city’s tourism board is planning on attending ITB Berlin next March. For more information about the city card click here.

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