It’s official: early next year Germany will welcome a follow-up to the 9-euro ticket. The nationwide monthly ticket – “Deutschlandticket” – will offer unlimited travel on regional and public transport for just €49 euros per month.

Discussions to find a replacement to the successful €9 ticket which turned into a big hit over the summer in Germany, have been intense. After agreeing on the introduction of a successor at a monthly price of €49, the Federal government and all the Länder (federal states) have finally agreed on the financing of the future ticket.

The “Deutschlandticket” will be part of a comprehensive package bringing billions of euro in relief in face of high energy process.

The nationwide, €49-monthly ticket will be made available for use by millions of passengers on local and regional buses, trams, underground and overground trains next year. Unlike the €9 ticket, the “Deutschlandticket” will only be digital and only sold via a monthly subscription, however, the ticket can be cancelled any time. It will be valid throughout Germany on all public transport – regardless of operator – as well as on all regional trains. The price could be adjusted to inflation after the first year.

All Germany’s regional trains are included in the new ticket offer (Photo: LC/Cleverdis)

“The biggest public transport tariff reform in Germany”

Politicians were hoping that the ticket would be introduced across Germany as soon as possible. However delays in the negotiations over the financing makes it unlikely that the ticket will be available before early next year. Some state ministers talk now about an introduction of the €49 ticket on March 1 or April 1, 2023. Still hope then, that it will be available for visitors to ITB Berlin 2023!

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing confirmed the agreement: “Now the way is clear for the biggest public transport tariff reform in Germany,” he said. “Never before has it been so easy for people in our country to use buses and trains.”

The agreement on financial issues foresees that both the federal and state governments will share the annual bill of €3 billion covering the costs of the €49 ticket.

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