Internova Travel Group has partnered with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide to validate the procedures and protocols at more than 50,000 hotels booked through its systems. 

The dynamic solution will help the travel industry align on a common approach, consistent protocols, and an established system of health security, say company executives.

“This verification process will allow us to evaluate the quality of the vast myriad of health policies and solutions that exist at hotels throughout the world, as well as highlight those who meet best-in-class standards,” said J.D. O’Hara, CEO of Internova Travel Group (pictured above). “The services provided by Sharecare will be an important way to dynamically amplify the existing health safety protocols in place at hotels, as well as give travellers a recognisable certification that assures them that a hotel or resort is health security verified.”

Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide – Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki/Redux

“The pandemic has made it clear that in order for the hospitality industry to scale for our new normal, hotels and resorts must, first and foremost, assure employees and guests of their safety,” said Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. “Sharecare Health Security verification with Forbes Travel Guide gives guests, travel planners, and hotel staff an added layer of confidence that the places away from home where they choose to work, play, and stay are committed to health security at a time when they absolutely need it.”

Developed in response to the catastrophic impact COVID-19 has had on the hospitality industry, Sharecare’s health security solution enables hotels to amplify existing safety protocols and comply with expert-validated best practices to minimise the risk and impact of acute public health events.

This partnership is one of several initiatives Internova Travel Group has undertaken to promote safer travel. Last month, O’Hara and Internova executives piloted a digital health pass called CommonPass aimed at replacing quarantine with COVID-19 testing. The company’s Travel Leaders Group division launched a programme called “Book with Confidence,” which provides participating travel advisors with a library of health and safety related resources to assist travellers.

“Our goal is to ensure our travelers can book with confidence, fly with confidence and stay with confidence,” said O’Hara. “The more consistent information our advisors can provide to travelers, the more prepared and comfortable they will be in restarting their travels.”

The health security solution from Atlanta-based industry-leader Sharecare, is a complement to its flagship data-driven, virtual health platform that includes a comprehensive COVID-19 readiness solution, Well-Being@Work.

“We are committed to empowering the hospitality industry to address the evolving emotional, educational, clinical, and operational challenges introduced by the pandemic by creating a culture of accountability that fosters resilience through well-being and health security,” said Hermann Elger, president of travel, hospitality, and entertainment at Sharecare. “By combining our keen understanding of population health and digital innovation with the power of Forbes Travel Guide’s expertise in unparalleled service and standards, we can ensure that physical facilities apply the appropriate safety protocols while employees and guests within those spaces have the tools and resources to stay safe and build resilience.”

Internova expects all hotels it works with to be Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED with Forbes Travel Guide by the end of Q1 2022.  Internova’s partnership with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide was facilitated by Axcess Worldwide.

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