Lazio and San Marino ideal destinations for culture and nature tourism

Lazio, a region rich in art, culture, and natural beauty, is promoting nature and culture tourism in 2024 as well as sustainable tourism practices. San Marino is also highlighting these themes, with an offer for tourists including medieval architecture, as well as a range of outdoor activities. These two destinations embody Italy’s diverse heritage and landscapes.

Lazio: A journey into the heart of Italy

Lazio is an unmissable region for lovers of art and culture—and this goes beyond the obvious destination of Rome. UNESCO sites, churches, villas, castles, abbeys, and seaside villages are in harmony with the natural beauty of its landscapes.

The region of Lazio is undertaking to manage all of its tourist attractions in a sustainable manner, respecting both the environment and local communities. Centuries-old traditions such as folkloric events, floral shows and historical reenactments reveal a deep-rooted popular culture. Examples include the religious procession “Macchina di Santa Rosa” in Viterbo, classified as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013. Lazio is also preparing for the 2025 Jubilee which will celebrate a network of centuries-old roads for pilgrims that all lead to Saint Peter’s in Rome.

Lazio and San Marino ideal destinations for culture and nature tourism

San Marino: Where history meets outdoor adventures

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, San Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world, and is located inside Italy. San Marino offers authentic experiences enriched by more than 1,700 years of independence. The historic city centre is located on top of Mount Titano, surrounded by medieval walls and criss-crossed by narrow streets lined with monuments.

San Marino is also a great destination for nature lovers. Hiking, cycling, climbing and archery are among the wide range of adventure activities available. The 43-km long “Walk of the Titano” is full of beautiful landscapes and views, while the 80-km “Walk of Saint Marinus” is the first itinerary dedicated to the Saint Founder of the city and is ideal for meditation.

Lazio and San Marino ideal destinations for culture and nature tourism

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