Italy showcases enhanced nature tourism offer at ITB Berlin 2024

As ENIT CEO Ivana Jelinic highlighted in her exclusive interview with ITB Berlin News yesterday, nature is playing an increasingly important role in Italy’s tourism offering, as more visitors opt for slow tourism activities and sustainable experiences. Climate change and new travel patterns following COVID have translated into more interest in activities linked to nature. At the Italian stand at ITB Berlin 2024, many regions including Basilicata, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Molise are promoting outdoor activities and nature-linked tourism.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia: An authentic hidden gem in northeast Italy

Stretching between the Alps and the Dolomites in the north and the gold sandy beaches on the Adriatic in the south, Friuli Venezia Giulia attracts cultural and knowledge-seeking visitors with its variety of UNESCO heritage sites, historical villages and art cities such as Trieste, Udine, Pordenone and Gorizia. The latter, with its Austro-Hungarian flair on the border of Slovenia, will be 2025 European Capital of Culture together with Nova Gorica.

Outdoor lovers will find in the Dolomites and in the Carnic and Julian Alps trekking paths crossing breathtaking landscapes such as the emerald Tagliamento river, flower-covered prairies or karst rocks overlooking Trieste. They all form a unique territory to discover.

Italy showcases enhanced nature tourism offer at ITB Berlin 2024
© Luigi Vitale

Basilicata state of mind: Tourism for well-being

Basilicata is the ideal destination to regenerate body and mind. The region is a fitting choice for those in search of unique and unusual places, far from mass tourism and attentive to uncovering authentic natural beauty, culture and tradition.

Basilicata proposes itineraries between nature and culture. Fairytale atmospheres, the scent of the countryside leading to the sea, rhythmic music, adrenaline-filled experiences in the open air, hiking, cycling and genuine, gastronomic products all provide invigorating experiences. According to the region, these experiences can not only encourage the well-being of visitors’ bodies but even reach the well-being of their souls. To be discovered.

Italy showcases enhanced nature tourism offer at ITB Berlin 2024
© Domenico Acerenza

Molise’s landscapes: A tale of nature, tradition and tranquility

Molise is an authentic place hidden where the mountains meet the see within just 90 km. Between both are rolling hills and historic arches, revealing the historic and natural beauty of the land which is both ancient and fragile. Time moves more slowly here, and visitors can explore its biodiversity and gastronomy, both intimately connected to its untouched nature. Local gastronomy includes fresh milk and handmade cheese, truffles and of course Tintilla wine to warm every table. Locals follow old traditions made up of deer, devils, saints and bright mysteries. Molise is for those who prefer the slowness of a contemporary fairy tale to the bustle of modern life.

Campania: 1000 years of Mediterranean culture

In Campania, visitors can plunge into a great mosaic of nature. From the Phlegraean volcanoes to the Vesuvius and the Gulf of the Mermaids, they can enjoy thousands of years of Mediterranean culture along the paths of adventure and hospitality. 

Thanks to its mild Mediterranean weather, it is possible for visitors to partake in a number of activities throughout most of the year, from sailing in the Gulf of Naples and hiking the Vesuvius to horse riding on Ischia Island, hiking along the Amalfi Coast, rafting in the National Park of Cilento, or just strolling in Naples, Herculaneum and Pompeii. Homeland of pizza, mozzarella, espresso coffee, wines and Limoncello, Campania is an ideal destination for slow food lovers. Campania is promoting a new, sustainable and more harmonic vision of travelling while respecting nature. 

Italy showcases enhanced nature tourism offer at ITB Berlin 2024
© Alex Mennella
Hall 1.2 / Stands 107 – 107 A – 107 B – 107 C
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