The IGLTA Foundation has released a new report outlining best practices for businesses and travel companies looking to remain competitive in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The report, which was featured at the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association’s Global Convention in Milan at the end of October, is titled “Going Further: How to Make LGBTQ+ Travel Transformational for Travellers, Communities and the Planet”.

The IGLTA Foundation commissioned the new report to help ensure the travel industry continues to evolve and move forward.

“IGLTA and its Foundation strive to provide our network with the tools and resources necessary to promote more inclusive business practices in tandem with responsible approaches to travel around the world. This report by Peter Jordan is exactly the kind of forward-thinking strategy that drives our organisation and the travel industry as a whole,” said Theresa Belpulsi, immediate past board chair, IGLTA Foundation.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on the way that global and local travel communities interact. By taking a closer look at the diverse LGBTQ+ community of travellers, this report explains how we can build back our businesses, adopt practices that reduce our environmental footprint, and contribute to the wellbeing of communities in our most beloved destinations.”

“Going Further” helps explain how the LGBTQ+ travel community can work together to rebuild and promote LGBTQ+ travel through five positive action steps that businesses can take—in addition to existing efforts to support responsible travel—that benefit their destinations, host communities and visitors.

Local communities and environment

The report includes data from an IGLTA consumer survey conducted last year to assess the mindset of LGBTQ+ travellers as they returned to leisure travel post- pandemic.

Even before the pandemic emerged, consumers were paying increasing attention to the impact of business on their local communities, economy, and the environment. Data from that survey show that these issues matter more than ever to LGBTQ+ travellers these days.

Among the key findings, the survey found that:

  • Two in three LGBTQ+ travellers wanted to reduce the environmental footprint of their next trip.
  • LGBTQ+ travellers show a strong desire to support their destination’s local LGBTQ+ community, for example by contributing to LGBTQ+ community projects (69% of respondents) and supporting LGBTQ+ owned businesses (72%).
  • Nearly three quarters of respondents said that racial equality had become important or very important to them during the past year, underlining the importance for businesses to actively improve their diversity, equality, and inclusion practices.
  • More than half of respondents said that improving their mental health was important to them, reflecting a greater social awareness of this issue.

The full report is available here.

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