The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA) has announced details of its annual grant program, a collection of grants to be awarded to qualifying organisations in seven major categories to support key events and initiatives.

Miami Beach is home to a variety of marquee events and experiences that bring travellers to the destination each year.

Beginning October 1, 2020 through January 21, 2021, organisations are encouraged to apply for the chance to receive grants designed to bring new events and activations to Miami Beach.

“The MBVCA is dedicated to positioning Miami Beach for success and while events will evolve over time, they are key to a bright and prosperous future,” says Steve Adkins, Chair of the MBVCA. “The annual grant program provides an opportunity for new and returning organizations to receive the funds needed to create unique experiences for our visitors and locals.”

The MBVCA distributes grants throughout seven programs, each with distinct requirements for organizations to choose from:

  • Development Opportunities – A one-time grant applicable for organizations with a new or a one-time event that has the potential of becoming recurring with international and national appeal.
  • Film Incentive Grant Program – Specifically created to support scripted feature films, scripted television shows, documentaries, short films, TV, or streaming services.
  • Major One Time Special Events – For organizations with a new or one-time event that has the potential to become recurring with significant appeal and inclusive of specific hotel room night needs.
  • Special Events Recurring – Tailored to organizations with an event that has a minimum of one-year track record as a successful tourism activity in Miami Beach and has received MBVCA funding in the past.
  • Special Projects – Exclusively for organizations with an event or program that can generate extraordinary interest and two out of three minimum requirements including contracted hotel room nights and media exposure.
  • Special Projects Recurring – Developed for organizations with an event that has a minimum of one-year track record with the MBVCA and has maintained the eligibility criteria with a minimum requirement of contracted hotel room nights or media exposure.
  • Tourism Partnerships – Created for non-profit organizations that have the responsibility to develop and promote broad areas of Miami Beach’s tourism industry such as neighborhood associations, industry service organizations, and area marketing groups year-round.

“Miami Beach continues to be a coveted destination with outstanding capacity to host events of all sizes,” adds Grisette Marcos, Executive Director, MBVCA. “We look forward to supporting organisations through our grant program as we prepare to welcome back visitors to experience the very best of Miami Beach.”

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