Berlin Travel Festival (BTF), a partner event of ITB Berlin, will return as a virtual event for the public this Spring.

From 9-12 March, BTF Digital will provide an alternative to the travelogues on streaming services and television from around 7 – 9.30 pm.

A soon to be launched online video magazine will offer travellers fresh inspiration for their upcoming holidays.

The programme series slogan is “A Stream Comes True” and access to the Berlin Festival Digital service and streaming programme is only available via the BTF website.

Organisers of ITB Berlin say the new virtual platforms – ITB Berlin NOW and BTF Digital – complement each other by separately targeting B2B and B2C audiences. 

Bernd Neff, founder and managing director of the Berlin Travel Festival, said: “People’s lust for travel is growing month by month, along with their frustration. People should be able to travel – without a guilty conscience. Our regular, streamed evening travel series will be more than just another show inviting viewers to ‘dream now, travel later’.”

Four episodes will each be devoted to an aspect of travel of interest to the public: Safe Trips + Safe Places, Tiny Living + Slow Travel, Freedom + Adventure and Culture Trips.

Each evening’s entertainment will feature a wide range of formats, including essays, interviews, live contributions, video documentaries, travelogues, panels and expert discussion on travel topics.

Berlin Travel Festival graphic
Berlin Travel Festival is a partner event of ITB Berlin
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