French company Safrans du Monde has joined the throng of operators organising private ‘round the world jet tours.

From 4 to 25 November, 2021, the tour will visit mythical cities and iconic sites on each continent, with unforgettable encounters, gala evenings, enchanting moments, and rare emotions.

On board a privatised A321neo, appetisers, canapés and meals served with the utmost of French “art of living”, on a white tablecloth and crockery worthy of the highest standards of private aviation.

private tour

The company describes each day as a “festival of wonders, thrills and images”. The bay of Rio first, then Machu Picchu, where the Incas celebrated the Sun. This is followed by the mysterious Easter Island glorified by its stone giants. Then the tour continues with a true 4-night holiday in paradise, soothed by the irresistible charms of Tahiti, its black pearls and its crystal-clear lagoon waters. Crossing the International Date Line, the jet touches down in Fiji for a goodbye to the Pacific Ocean.

One more leap, Singapore welcomes visitors in Asia, and it’s already the bustling Hanoi that awaits them with Halong Bay at its side. Soon they will be wandering in the lush of Angkor temples. What next? Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for the modernity of the World Exposition and the quietness of the Louvre. The last chapter of the World Tour is spectacular as travellers are taken to the pink Treasure of Petra and the magical splendour of the Wadi Rum desert.

Two classes are available – club and “première”. With the latter, travellers are pampered with special amenities and a cellar worthy of a Première. At each destination it’s a whole different experience: through the fine selection of exclusive hotels and rooms, the luxury Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu, a “heavenly” stay in Bora Bora, a magical night on Halong Bay aboard a luxury junk and all that just for a very limited number of participants, just to name a few examples.

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