In collaboration with Ennismore, the Accor Group hotel and resort chain has announced it is entering into a long-term master franchise agreement with Country Garden’s core alliance enterprise, Funyard Hotels and Resorts.

Together with Funyard, Accor and Ennismore plant to introduce the lifestyle hotel brand JO&JOE to China, committing to open at least 1,300 hotels in the country.

“We can think of no better way to celebrate the second anniversary of Funyard than to embark on a mission with Accor and Ennismore to bring the JO&JOE experience to China,” said Zhang Yong, executive president of Funyard Hotels & Resorts. “We share their values, mindset, and commitment to delivering unique experiences. We also have many synergies to explore – such as Accor’s global expertise and distribution network, and our immense inventory of property. Together, we look forward to establishing JO&JOE as a benchmark of affordable lifestyle hospitality in China.”

Gary Rosen, CEO, Accor Greater China added: “Alongside Ennismore, Country Garden’s core alliance enterprise Funyard, Accor will create a new kind of travel experience, with unconventional, uplifting, and environmentally-conscious hotels that welcome visiting guests and neighbourhood locals, mixing personalities, ideas and talent to fully express the heart and soul of the JO&JOE brand experience,” said “Accor is already experiencing record growth in Greater China and our newly formed partnership with Funyard continues to accelerate our leadership position in lifestyle hospitality. We are thrilled to be joining forces with Funyard, which already has a strong presence in the market.”

A lifestyle brand for the Chinese market

JO&JOE is part of Ennismore, a global collective of lifestyle brands. In 2021, Accor and Ennismore entered a joint venture to create a new autonomous entity, with Accor holding a majority shareholding.

Said to be ‘positive, authentic, and fun’, the JO&JOE brand was created purely and simply to challenge conventions. Each destination welcomes travellers and locals with the comfort of a hotel and the friendly atmosphere of a community gathering place. Parties, entertainment and an easygoing bar and restaurant invite mixing and mingling – for a few hours, an overnight stay, or an extended holiday.

“Globally, the lifestyle segment is generating robust interest and has a strong growth trajectory,” said Gaurav Bhushan, co-CEO, Ennismore. “We continue to strengthen our position in this segment, with concepts that integrate the notion of entertainment and feature restaurants and bars that appeal to locals as well as guests. Our lifestyle brands are linked directly with their local communities – at JO&JOE, the mix of street art, music, and food, all work together to make each destination unique and compelling for a new generation of travellers.”

Accor Group
JO&JOE concept room (Image:

Plans afoot to build 1,300 hotels, equating to over 100,000 rooms

Funyard is fascinated with the growth potential of lifestyle hospitality and by forming this partnership with Accor and Ennismore, is determined to become a key player in this space. The company recognizes the value of providing opportunities for a young generation to travel, connect, and socialize. With JO&JOE, guests will be inspired to further explore China and the world, with multiple trips, high-quality yet affordable accommodations, trendy hubs, great food and beverage, and shared living spaces, all while respecting the environment, conveying love, and creating transformative adventures.

This is not the first collaboration between Accor and Country Garden. For several years, the two companies have worked together on hotel projects involving premium hospitality brands and have built a strong and cooperative relationship. Now with the newly formed JO&JOE agreement, Accor, Ennismore and Funyard will jointly create a new dimension in China’s hotel industry. This will translate into 1,300 JO&JOE properties around China.

JO&JOE currently operates properties in France, Austria, Colombia, and Brazil.

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