Merlin Entertainments is working with Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring to life the Jumanji brand across the world.

Merlin Entertainments has entered into a formal multi-territory exclusivity agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment, to develop and operate attractions, rides, retail outlets and themed hotel rooms based on the studio’s box office hit Jumanji franchise across Merlin’s Resort Theme Parks and Waterparks in Europe (including the UK) and North America.

The first experience to be launched as part of the agreement is to be the world’s first Jumanji ride. Opening in April this year at Merlin’s Gardaland Resort in Italy, with a second ride – at a different theme park – due to open in 2023.

Merlin is teaming up with Oceaneering and Framestore for the development of the Jumanji ride at Gardaland. The attraction is called “Jumanji – the Adventure” and “will transport guests to the fantastic world of Jumanji, where an exhilarating adventure awaits them: a journey full of pitfalls, surprises and dangers through the wild jungle”.

The new “Jumanji – the Adventure” attraction is a dark ride for adventure lovers of all ages, designed to appeal to a wide audience including families, teenagers and young adults. The ride will be complemented by the simultaneous launch of fully themed Jumanji hotel bedrooms.

The deal supports Merlin’s broader global strategy to engage and work with leading IP and brands across its global estate, with existing successful partnerships including LEGO, Marvel, Peppa Pig, and CBeebies.

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