One of Belfast’s most visited attractions, Titanic Belfast, will undergo a major refreshment programme in January 2023 to further enhance visitors’ experience.

Work is due to begin in January 2023 on a multi-million-pound refreshment programme, which will see the iconic Titanic Belfast experience being taken to the next level.

Belfast most popular visitor attraction, which has recently welcomed its seven millionth visitor, is the world’s most authentic retelling of the story of the tragic liner that was built in Belfast.

Titanic Belfast currently offers nine interactive galleries that take the visitor on a fascinating journey through the building, the maiden voyage of the liner and on to her sinking.

The refreshment programme aims to push boundaries with immersive technology to deliver an enriched experience that captures the imagination of visitors and provides a world-class narration of the Titanic story.

During the refreshment period (2 January to 28 February 2023), Titanic Belfast will be closed. But visitors will still be able to enjoy the Titanic story through outdoor Discovery Tours that will showcase the dramatic building and historic slipways.

Alternative attractions around Titanic

Until the reopening of the liner, Titanic buffs can also visit the SS Nomadic moored nearby, which is the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world. Dating from 1911, this historic ship ferried first- and second-class passengers to the Titanic. Over four decks, it tells the intriguing stories of her passengers and the ups and downs of her dramatic career, which also spanned two world wars.

The Great Light along the Maritime Mile (Photo: Tourism Ireland)

Belfast’s Titanic Quarter also has a bunch of other attractions to delight maritime enthusiasts. Moored in the Alexandra Dock, HMS Caroline is a World War I warship that has been converted into an amazing floating museum. Visitors can get a feel for how dangerous life at sea was during the war and come face to face with detailed replicas of torpedoes and guns. Multi-screen video experiences reproduce the sounds and drama of battles against the mighty German Imperial Fleet.

The Great Light, one of the largest optics of its kind ever built in the world, sits at one end of the city’s Maritime Mile. Some 130 years old and seven metres high, it produces one of the strongest lighthouse beams to ever shine.

And at the other end of the mile is the Belfast Harbour Office where the ‘A Port that Built a City’ exhibition is on show. The exhibition celebrates 400 years of Belfast’s maritime history and includes a unique art collection, a stunning stained-glass window, the ‘Titanic table’ and artefacts from the Harbour’s past.

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