Vienna is intimately linked to the Habsburg monarchy. Its best symbol is Schloss Schönbrunn, the mythical summer residence of the emperor. Run by the Schönbrunn Group, it is part of two packages which allow visitors to visit 4 museums and castles in Vienna and its vicinity.

It’s inconceivable for a tourist to be in Vienna without strolling in Schönbrunn or Hofburg castles or learning about the life of Empress Sisi. The Schönbrunn Group manages four sites with the aim of preserving the legacy of this imperial Vienna. These sites include Schönbrunn Castle, the Sisi Museum in the Hofburg, Vienna Furniture Museum and the Schloss Hof Estate, a countryside palace East of Vienna in the province of Lower Austria.

While the group has several packages, it has just launched two new packages for visitors. The Schönbrunn Group Pass allows the visit of the four sites already mentioned. It is valid for one year and gives also access to Schönbrunn gardens. A Sisi Deluxe Ticket allows also to visit Schönbrunn Group’s four sites. It includes access to a special exhibition on Sisi in the Furniture Museum.

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