Earlier this month Tunisia officially opened the “Grande Traversée du Dahar” (“Dahar Great Crossing”). Located in the southeast of the country it offers spectacular landscapes made of dunes, fortified villages, and desert mountains.

Located in the south-east of Tunisia and separating the beaches of the Mediterranean coast from the first dunes of the desert, Djebel Dahar is a mountain range that is considered the last frontier for travellers to the North African country. With its rich historical and cultural heritage and breath-taking landscape, the Dahar gives travellers a truly authentic and mystery-filled adventure making it the perfect location for “Grande Traversée du Dahar” the country’s first hiking trail of international standards.  

This was the reason behind the inauguration in early December of the, the first hiking trail of international standards in Tunisia.

From the Berber village of Tamezret to the Ksour of Ghomrassen, from the “Dinosaur Trail” to the troglodytes of Douiret, travellers hike through the striking landscapes of the Dahar mountains along a 194 km circuit.

“A la carte” hiking trail

Dahar Great Crossing is divided into 12 stages to allow visitors to choose trails “à la carte”. The trail can be done on a private basis with or without a guide.

Since 2014, the Dahar destination has been part of the Fédération Tourisme Authentique Destination Dahar (Federation for Authentic Tourism Destination Dahar). The region recently received two sustainable tourism awards – top 100 Green Destinations and top 6 in the To Do Award list). Such distinctions are likely to appeal to tour operators specialised in adventure destinations labelled as environmentally friendly.

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