Overseas Adventure Travel launches Travelflix pioneering video portal

Transforming the travel industry with its new AI-driven video platform, Overseas Adventure Travel aims to deliver a comprehensive library of travel and adventure experiences

Overseas Adventure Travel has partnered with the visual intelligence company AnyClip to launch ‘Travelflix’. The branded, online, smart video portal for travellers leverages AnyClip’s AI powered video solution, Genius+. Overseas Adventure Travel, which holds the largest video archive in the travel industry, chose AnyClip’s proprietary AI technology to host and organise over 4,000 videos from their archives into curated, searchable, video-on-demand channels directly embedded on their own domain bringing streamlined navigation for an online viewing experience.

Revolutionising the online travel experience, Travelflix is the most advanced intelligent video portal ever built for travellers. All Traveflix videos uploaded onto the Genius+ platform are automatically analysed — with millions of keywords and categories generated by frame-to-frame, audio, and textual analysis — allowing viewers to search within every scene. This means that whether content was created by independent filmmakers from around the world, or by Overseas Adventure Travel, viewers are able to instantly search and be directed to the exact moment in a video — with no scrolling required.

Genius+ also powers AnyClip’s proprietary recommendation engine to match videos that capture user engagement, saving them valuable time in accessing relevant information. Furthermore Engage+, AnyClip’s interactive overlay technology, triggers call-to-actions at key moments within a video to drive audiences to learn more and make travel decisions.

This curated, searchable and interactive video-on-demand service will be directly embedded on Overseas Adventure Travel’s domain, demonstrating the transformative power of AnyClip’s technology in the world of travel. With this, Overseas Adventure Travel aims to drive new customers directly onto their site to easily and instantly in-video search through their library of travel-related videos and discover their destination of choice.

“When Overseas Adventure Travel presented their convincing data highlighting that users interacting with videos on their site have notably increased conversion rates, we knew we had to join forces and craft a significant solution,” said Gil Becker, President & CEO of AnyClip.

“We take immense pride in assisting our partners at Overseas Adventure Travel in realising their vision to introduce Travelflix, a distinctive video experience for the travel industry that makes valuable videos well-organised, easily discoverable, and personalised. This provides captivating and relevant content that boosts conversions while granting users unparalleled accessibility.”

Brian FitzGerald, CEO at Overseas Adventure Travel, said the company looks forward to continuing to grow its inspirational video library for years to come.

“We have long been striving to become our travellers’ top resource for inspiring content, as well as to provide a platform where they can share stories from their adventures,” he commented. “Our new Travelflix video library is a major milestone in pursuit of that goal. Thanks to AnyClip, our entire video collection is now available in one place, with an interface that is easy for our travellers to navigate and intuitive for our team to maintain.”

Overseas Adventure Travel not only boasts the largest video archive in the industry, but also takes pride in their large video viewership equaling approximately 1.3 million hours per year. This surfaces the importance of managing and hosting an extensive video library embedded directly on the company’s domain to maximise site visits without sending them to external pages, such as YouTube.

The launch of Travelflix is a significant milestone in the travel industry, showcasing the potential of AI-powered video platforms to provide travellers with engaging and immersive content.

Overseas Adventure Travel welcomes all travellers — those traveling solo or with a partner — to continue to post their personal travel videos onto their site to inspire fellow travellers to explore their next dream destination.

Travelflix is now available directly online.

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