Jordan Tourism is making a major push with the launch of a multifaceted new tourism brand. The destination is reintroducing itself as ‘The Kingdom of Time’ in a move to showcase its accessibility and appeal to the intrepid traveller.

Minister of tourism Nayef Al-Fayez said: β€œAs Jordan prepares for guests visiting from around the world, the time is ripe to re-introduce Jordan, our Kingdom of Time, to a global audience.”

Under its new identity, Jordan aims to capture the imagination of the rising global tribe of independent, active, digital-empowered travellers seeking meaningful experiences and human connection.

The rebrand also marks a shift in the role of tourism as a driver of local sustainable development, according to the Jordan Tourism Board.

Managing director Dr Abdel Razzaq Arabiyat highlights that the new brand was co-created and designed as an “inclusive catalyst to spread tourism across the kingdom”, benefitting both traditional tourism operators and a new generation of hyper-local tourism experience creators.

Beyond brand building, Jordan’s government and tourism business have worked diligently to ensure the health safety of citizens and guests, making it β€œone of the first countries in the region with a fully vaccinated tourism sector,” according to Mr Al-Fayez.

Jordan’s Hot Air Balloon-Wadi Rum – Β© Jordan Tourism Board

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