In Q3 2021, Moscow joined the ranks of the world’s leading gastronomy capitals, as the first-ever Michelin Guide Moscow was launched at a glamorous gala ceremony.

The Michelin Guide Moscow highlights 69 restaurants, making Moscow is the first city of the former Soviet Union to be acknowledged as a culinary capital by Michelin’s gastronomic experts. They confirm what millions of people already knew: the Russian capital has excellent restaurants and outstanding chefs.

Without leaving Moscow, visitors can take a gastronomic journey around the world. Besides tasting Russian cuisine, they can enjoy authentic Scandinavian, Japanese, Chinese, Georgian, Turkish, French or Scottish dishes.

Moscow has over 15,000 restaurants and cafes providing signature cuisine. Whole gastronomic districts are emerging with their many cafes and restaurants. These include, for example, Kamergersky Lane, Pyatnitskaya Street, Kuznetsky Mos or the Depo gastrocluster.

Moscow markets are also turning into centres of regional gastronomy as visitors can taste fresh delicacies or enjoy culinary master classes.

Many cafes and restaurants even offer dish-delivery online services or a table booking through Russpass. Meanwhile, delivery of groceries or meals is available seven days a week – around the clock.

With the inclusion into the Michelin Guide, Moscow’s gastronomy has new opportunities for expansion, developing business and improving the quality of service. As the skills of Moscow’s chefs are recognised all around the world, travellers can now safely plan a trip to Moscow to have an unforgettable gastronomic discovery.

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