After upgrading the country’s dedicated website for gastronomy, ‘Delightful Cyprus’, and introducing the label ‘taste Cyprus-the delightful journey’, the Ministry of Tourism in Cyprus has announced it will help small producers and restaurant owners to upgrade their traditional catering services to further strengthen the quality of the island’s food produce.

Cyprus is looking to boost its image as a gastronomy destination by giving further visibility to its food sector, including restaurants and shops. A grant from the European Union provided within the frame of the Recovery Mechanism and Sustainability of the European Union will help strengthen the country’s own “recovery and sustainability plan”.

Logo of Taste Cyprus

The Cyprus government wants to spend €8 million from a €33 million EU grant upgrading traditional catering areas and shops selling local food produce. With an upgrade in food excellence, the country hopes to appeal to higher-spending visitors interested in more sophisticated experiences and activities.

Sponsorship plan

The aim of the plan is to provide support for:

– The improvement and upgrading of the quality of the services provided by licensed restaurants/ taverns or leisure centres operating within hotels and other tourist accommodation which, based on their approved price list, offer traditional Cypriot cuisine.
Traditional cypriot dish (Photo: Taste Cyprus)

– The establishment or upgrade of shops selling traditional food products. Through these interventions, the aim of the plan is to upgrade the Cypriot hospitality, to promote the cultural heritage and the development of gastronomy.

Companies that become part of this grant programme to upgrade their facilities could also be included in the “Taste Cyprus” initiative – the quality label for promoting the Cypriot Gastronomy.

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