The region of Abruzzo, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, is looking to attract tourists from around the world with its unique natural habitat, a combination of mountains and sandy beaches.

In particular, this yet ‘undiscovered’ Italian region is promoting its Trabocchi coastline – named after the wooden structures, traditionally used for fishing, which can be found along its shores. Today, these early fishing platforms, extending into the sea, are home to some of the most renowned seafood restaurants and attract gourmets from across the globe.

But it’s not only about good food. Abruzzo is also promoting active tourism, with the construction of the Rete Ciclabile dei Trabocchi, 131 kilometres of cycle paths. The route, which is being developed as part of the region’s sustainable tourism approach, allows cyclists to explore the sandy and rocky beaches, villages and ports.

Abruzzo Rete Ciclabile dei Trabocchi
Credit: reteciclabiletrabocchi

Abruzzo has also launched a new project, Matrimonio nel Borgo, which is looking to attract international weddings by offering an “authentic Italian experience” in the region’s  intimate and cosy villages. Niccolo Milano, from travel agency GBA Eventi explained: “Abruzzo is a hidden gem in Italy which offers a great alternative to more famous city and beach destinations.”

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