Fāri’ira’a Manihini (FM27): Paving the way for responsible tourism in Tahiti and its islands

Tahiti’s tourist board has embarked on an ambitious campaign, Fāri’ira’a Manihini (FM27), to raise awareness among local residents about the significance of inclusive and sustainable tourism.

Jean-Marc Mocellin, the Chief Executive of Tahiti Tourism, stresses the importance of prioritising quality over quantity in tourism, setting a target of 280,000 tourists by 2027. This strategy stems from close collaboration with the local community and both public and private tourism stakeholders. The goal is to safeguard natural resources, celebrate cultural heritage, and bolster economic benefits for locals.

Credit : Tahiti tourisme.com

Video campaigns to educate and inform

The awareness campaign leans on two sets of video series aimed at informing the public. The first, entitled “On the Road to Inclusive and Sustainable Tourism in Tahiti and Its Islands,” features testimonials from tourism professionals discussing the FM27 strategy. The second, represented by the animated character Hina, already familiar to the public, takes an educational approach. These animated videos, entitled “Together, Let’s Act for Sustainable Tourism,” seek to educate the populace on the FM27 initiatives, highlighting the benefits they bring to the economy, culture, and environment.

Credit: Tahiti tourisme-head office

Distributing FM27 initiatives

Both video series are set for wide distribution throughout 2023, from March to December, both at home and internationally. Beyond the videos, a media plan includes advertisements in local magazines, billboards across Tahiti, and an online footprint on local media websites. The aim is to reach as many residents and tourism professionals as possible, ensuring a responsible touristic future for Tahiti and its islands.

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