March 16, 2023

Smart partnerships at the centre of ITB Berlin

The Case Studies: Smart partnerships event on day two of ITB Berlin 2023 spotlighted two dynamic duos, both showing how collaboration can take business to the next level. 

The event featured two presentations, starting with Alex Grant, Founder and Head of Hotel Solutions at Travel Curious, and Pierre Mazurier, Associate Director of Sales at Hyatt, Great Scotland Yard Hotel, presenting a partnership between their two companies. 

Travel Curious is described as a “global experiences company,” launching experiences in 85 cities around the world. In addition to this, the company has a platform for hotels such as the Great Scotland Yard Hotel, helping them play “a bigger role in the experience economy and unlock future value based on experiences,” as put by Mr Grant. 

Travel Curious and the Great Scotland Yard Hotel have been collaborating on the latter hotel, specifically involving it in the “experience economy” beyond just accommodation and rooms. 

The duo said a goal of their partnership was to make the hotel a “hero destination in terms of guest experiences,” and additions such as a hidden whisky bar and a Michelin experience were made, increasing revenue by providing further experiences for visitors to purchase during their stay. 

Next to speak was Brian Young, Managing Director EMEA at tour operator G Adventures, and Thomas Armitt, Global Manager Projects & Partnerships at non-profit Planeterra. They discussed how they were working together to identify destinations, meeting with local people and identifying their needs, and then providing a service that connects adventurous tourists with rural communities that can offer unique experiences, but need help with education, training and infrastructure. 

“We see it as an enterprise that is led by a community and that can integrate into the tourism supply chain,” said Mr Armitt. 

“So this could be transport, this could be accommodation, this could be activities, meals or even handicraft.” 

PHOTO: Case Studies: Smart partnerships – How suppliers and T & A companies face the future together Speaker: Pierre Mazurier, Associate Director of Sales | Hyatt, Great Scotland Yard Hotel; Alex Grant, Founder and head of Hotel Solutions | Travel Curious