March 2, 2023

Marketing expert Tony Lübeck identifies biggest opportunities for Sweden’s tourism industry

The ITB Buyers’ Circle Member and Product and marketing manager at Lime Travel tells ITB Berlin News what he is looking for from exhibitors on the trade show floor this year.

Well to be honest, after three years of ‘no ITB’, I mostly look forward to re-connecting with everyone. As always, we are looking for the best available products on the market.

What segments of the travel and tourism industry will experience the highest growth and why?
That’s a tricky question. I guess we are in a segment which focuses on travellers with high demands and the budget to go with it – so I would say the luxury sector combining extraordinary quality with ethical and responsible travel. 

How are travellers expectations and demands changing?
For sure, our clients today are far more educated in all aspects of their travel plans and we need to make sure we know what we are talking about.

… our clients today are far more educated in all aspects of their travel plans …

What are the key trends to look out for in 2023?
When it comes to trends, we are seeing a growth in villa rental. Multi generation families travelling together and have their base in a beautiful villa, and make plans each day depending on interests. Also with in-house chef as popular. Not only to make sure someone else is cooking – also a curiosity about learning more from locals. Scandinavians are foodies for sure. Large villas and in-house chefs are just some of the key features Swedish travellers are requesting from the travel agency, which is on the look out for new products and services.

How important a role will digital technology play in shaping the future of travel?
Quite sure its of importance, even though for our agency not a deal breaker. But I guess loosing your smart phone during the trip will cause quite a drama…..

Why is it so important for the industry to meet face to face at global events like ITB Berlin?
By obvious reasons. You need to be able to connect between sellers and buyers. The social aspect is super important. You cover a lot of grounds in a short period of time.

Want to partner with Lime Travel?

For 25 years, Lime Travel has been creating unique experiences for clientele in Sweden. With every booking, the travel agent offers customers personal service, handpicked hotels and security when it comes to flights and accommodation.
Lime Travel is looking for new products and opportunities at ITB Berlin 2023. Find out more about what the Swedish travel agency offers to see how you can work together. The company offers three main advantages to its clients including:

Personal service
Lime Travel always makes sure that its customers get a more personal service when it comes to communicating with the team. They choose how they want to be contacted and when it suits them.

Handpicked hotels at the destinations
“Quality is a word of honour”, Lime Travel says. The company always strives to only sell hotels that they have visited themselves. In exceptional cases, they also recommend other hotels, but only if they can ensure quality together with their partners around the world.

Lime Travel believes its service offers customers peace of mind. The company believes a tailor-made package trip with flights and accommodation with a serious and established tour operator like itself provides travellers with a comprehensive, legal protection net.

Photo: Tony Lübeck – Product and Marketing Manager, Lime Travel