March 2, 2023

Experiences over cheap tickets to capture GenZ’s attention

Arival co-founder Douglas Quinby sheds light on how travellers expectations are evolving in an exclusive interview with ITB Berlin News.

Mr Quinby, who is moderating sessions on the eTravel and Orange stage at ITB Berlin 2023, started Arival with the aim of filling a void in insights, information and conferences for the sector of tours, activities & attractions.

Since 2016, Arival has become a central platform for segment, with conferences, research reports, newsletters and a media site.

What do the new customers look like? 
Today’s traveller is very different from pre-pandemic times. We are still recovering from the last three years and travellers, especially younger adults, place higher priority on experiences. If they may travel less, when they do, they make the most of those trips, travelling longer, to more destinations, and spending more on tours, activities and attractions. 58% of Gen-Z and younger Millennials prioritise experiences over objectives.

What are the best practices we can leverage?
Travel brands should focus on the guest experience and also create opportunities for travellers to upgrade their experience. It’s not all about getting the cheapest ticket anymore. Provide VIP options, skip-the-line, private, small-group guided experiences or an additional glass of champagne – and charge for it! 

What are the key trends shaping travel experiences?
Today’s travellers want small groups and authentic, immersive experiences and interaction with locals. They want something special that connects them to a place and its people. Experience makers should incorporate authentic local components, such as people, food and visits to sites off the beaten path. The discovery of these experiences is also changing rapidly. Short-form video platforms such as Instagram Reels and TikTok become incredibly powerful reaching younger travellers. Travel brands should carefully consider how they can engage on these channels and work with influencers to reach a rising audience. 

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