March 9, 2021

Timeless experiences in North Macedonia

Dreaming of a safe place close to nature for a holiday? North Macedonia offers everything travellers need to restore their faith in a better world and to be at peace. Endless green landscapes, the blue waters of Ohrid Lake, Prespa Lake and Dojran Lake, and beautiful mountains: North Macedonia is indeed timeless.

The Republic of North Macedonia has the potential for many types of holidays, particularly in regard to cultural, religious, active and rural tourism. Food tourism is growing with travellers keen to explore rural areas where locals grow fruits, vegetable and wine. More recently, the country has embraced the need for active tourism products. With its mountains, ski slopes, rivers and lowlands, North Macedonia fits perfectly with alternative and adventure tourism.

The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of North Macedonia is present at ITB Berlin NOW with the aim of:

  • activating promotion policies by presenting to professionals all segments and regions and analysing the potential of domestic and inbound markets;
  • preparing and implementing programmes and information material;
  • developing a unified tourist information system connected to other information systems;
  • promoting North Macedonia’s tourism potential worldwide in cooperation with tour operators;

Be safe and travel wisely #onlyinMacedonia.

Timeless experiences in North Macedonia

Photo: Village church at sunset, Berovo region